Mega Man Dies At The End - Ghost House03:39

Mega Man Dies At The End - Ghost House

Plot Edit

while being chased by X, Bass, Guts Man, Proto man, and zero. Mega Man hides in a hole where he calls them stupid jerks. only to find Guts Man found him and was about to kill him, until he reminds him that there friends. Guts Man apologizes, and mega Man claims he would have done the same thing which guts man thinks Is "Fucked up". Mega Man claims they need a place to hide which Guts Man points to a ghost house which he mispronounces it as G-host house. Mega man also miss pronounce it and go in only to be greeted by a stomper. Mega man claims he desn't feel safe. Guts man Sees a door to never ending booze and friendship only to see it disappear. Guts man starts to cry while Mega Man try's to grab the attention of a boo ghost who he mistakes for an employee. King boo shows up who Mega man thinks is the maneger and he and Guts Man run out of there. Only to be spotted by Bass. mega man take the Ghost busters car and they drive off.

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