(Bomberman hums while he types something. He drinks the Kool-Aid, and he laughs. He sees the screen where it has one car running, and it says Warning. He looks at the wall, and the car smashes the wall and Bomberman's inventions hardly. Mega Man appears with Rush flying.)

Mega Man: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH-HAAAA!!! Look's like we've been--

(Rush flies higher.)

Mega Man: Rush, no! Lower! Down, boy, down!

(Rush falls down into a rock again.)

Mega Man: Bad dog! Bad!

(Mega Man gently hits Rush with the newspaper.)

Bomberman: Ahem.

Mega Man: So, we meet again, Bomberman.

Bomberman: I'm sorry? Uh, we've never met.

Mega Man: Sure, we have. You are one of Wily's eight master robots. I conquered your stage.

Bomberman: That wasn't me.

Bomb Man: Hey! Bomberino-ho-ho! I was about to order a pizza. I was wondered if you wanted anythin' and if you pay for it. Hey! Mega M! Long time, no see, buddy!

Mega Man: Do I know you?

Bomb Man: It's me, Bomb Man! We tooked it out ages ago and now, we're totally cool.

Mega Man: Hmm. Not ringing any bells.

Bomb Man: Come on! I was in the first game!

Mega Man: Cut Man? You've aged horribly.

Bomberman: Enough! You move even two point five for centimetres, and you'll find that my forgetable friend here is also quite handy with bombs! Syanora!

(Bomberman ran away, and laughs evilly.)

Bomb Man: Rematch! Nice!

Bomberman: If you--if you stay order the pizza, give me--give me a pepperoni.

(Bomberman throws money at Bomb Man, and ran away.)

Bomb Man: (to Mega Man) This is just me and you. Mono-e-mono. Deadly robots, and deadly ro--

(Mega Man ran away, and Bomb Man cries. Bomb Man dials the phone, and he talks to the pizza guy on the phone, while Bomb Man was crying.)

Bomb Man: Hi. I'll have a, wuh, I'll have a pepperoni and--(coughs) Do you get a style of semmon staiks?